Ci Ci Boutique is an online high-end fashion store selling all kind of dresses at affordable prices. They do next day delivery in Ireland and add fresh stock to the website every day.

Mary started with us in 2017 to increase their sales volume and strengthen the brand. We started by having a deep discussion with Mary about her business. We also looked at her previous campaigns. These were primarily boosted posts with an engagement objective – great for awareness but not the best objective, when used alone, to grow sales volume. The pixel was already set on the website but no product catalogue was being used, so there was no ability to retarget potential customers. We quickly introduced Mary to this, as it’s one of the main keys to run successful ads for e-commerce stores.

We started the campaign with a clicks objective and quickly scaled it through all relevant e-commerce conversions – content views, adds to the basket, checkouts initiated and finally purchases. The closer we got to a purchase optimisation, the  cheaper the costs per purchase and higher was the return on ad spend (ROAS). As we scaled the campaign, we also tested many interest targeting audiences, lookalikes and value-based lookalikes. We also retargeted using the product catalogue dynamic campaign from the start. This allowed us to reach people that had visited the website and checked out specific products with these same products and push them to purchase. We A/B tested different time windows here – 1, 3, 7 and 14 days. 

Since one of the things that makes this business unique is the fact that it has new arrivals on a daily basis, we focused a lot on promoting new arrivals, refreshing the ads frequently.


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We also created an emotionally strong, professional video for Ci Ci Boutique that helped add value to the product. We wanted to hold people’s attention and for them to create a relationship with the brand. Ci Ci Boutique’s Dresses aren’t just Dresses, they mark the most important times of your life – engraved in your memories forever! When you’re old you will still remember that dress you used in that happy moment of your life!

Below, you can see how we helped scale this business from a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 3.83 (before we were involved) to its current ROAS of 39.81. So for every $1 the spend on marketing, they make $39.81 in sales, which is an incredible return. This was accomplished with different and frequent optimisations, fresh creatives and the constant nurturing of the click database with new ads and promotions. We were able to regularly increase the budget while decreasing the cost per purchase increasing the ROAS.

You can also see that in the 12 months after taking over the account, we were able to generate almost 3 times more sales compared to the year before, reduce the cost per purchase from $23.21 to $4.91 and increase ROAS from 3.83 to 17.71. The following year, in 2018, the campaigns brought in more than twice the amount of sales at a similar ROAS. In 2019, sales almost tripled and ROAS increased by 76%. In 2020 stats are looking even better with a ROAS approaching 40 and a cost per purchase of only $2.19.


2016 - ROAS 3.83


2017 - ROAS 17.71
2018 - ROAS 18.40
2019 - ROAS 32.31
2020 - ROAS 39.81