This client is one of the leading suppliers of ride on vehicles and outdoor toys in Ireland and the UK. It launched in 2010 as a hobby, and M4E has been helping this business to grow every year since 2017. We nearly tripled the conversion value brought in from facebook from €59,510 (2017) to €159,261 (2019) and €351,155.66 (2020- up to October). All this from ad spend of only €3,250 (2017), €4,780 (2019) and €12,941.71 (2020 – up to October), an incredible return!

When we first started working on this account, client‘s objective was to increase their sales volume and return by increasing awareness and business visibility. We began by reviewing their previous campaigns, then set a product catalogue along with the facebook pixel, so we would be able to create dynamic retargeting campaigns and track conversions.

Client had mostly been boosting his posts from Facebook with an engagement objective, but there were high costs for visits to his website. We quickly changed this strategy, since our main objective was to increase sales by increasing awareness and at the same time traffic to the website.


We started with a campaign optimised for clicks, in order to bring a large amount of traffic to the website. This creates a “click database” that we can consistently nurture with fresh content and promotions. The click database also helped us to quickly create a lookalike audience from website visits so that we could test new and more relevant audiences.

Once we started seeing conversions in relevant numbers, enough for the pixel to learn about them effectively, we kept scaling the campaign for these objectives creating at the same time lookalike audiences as well as new ad creatives and promotions. As we scaled the campaign objectives, we also started scaling the campaign budget.

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From 2017 to 2018, we increased the budget by 69% with an increase in sales of 79%, an increase in purchase value of 73.4% and an increase in ROAS of 2.7%. From 2018 to 2019, sales increased 42.5%, the purchase value increased 54.3% and ROAS increased by 77.2%. If we compare the stats of 2020 (from January up to October) with the same period in 2019 we can also see an amazing improvement in performance with 5.35 times more sales and an increase in ROAS of 8.9. We were able to scale the campaign by spending 5 times more on ads budget while increasing sales volume and also improving the ROAS.

From 2017 to 2019, we went from 281 annual sales to 717 sales, from a purchase value of €59,510.36 to €159,261.16 (almost 3 times more) and from a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 18.31 to 33.32. So in 2019 for every €1 in ad budget, this business brought in €33.32. 

In 2020 (from January to October) the campaigns generated already 1,851 purchases compared with 346 purchases on the same period in 2019, the purchase conversion value increased from €70,775.73 to €351,155.66 and the ROAS from 18.23 to 27.13. The results are amazing so far for 2020 and the peak season for this business is around Christmas so we expect a huge annual increase in sales for 2020.

We keep a constant focus on improving the business by keeping in front of any new facebook features and testing them, by increasing budget every time there’s an opportunity to scale the campaign, and by constantly nurturing the click database audience with fresh content and promotions.