Fishing Tackle Ireland, as the name states, is a Fishing Tackle store based in Ennis, Ireland. Florian contacted us over 3 years ago wanting to improve sales in the online store, so our main objective was to scale the ads while also improving the return on ad spend (ROAS).

We started by analyzing the previous campaigns that the client had done in order to learn from the statistics how to create better-performing ones. We then added the Facebook pixel to the website to collect more data, plus this has also enabled us to create a product feed that has connected the products on the website with our Facebook ads, so we were also able to start running dynamic ads. – This is a tool that has built-in artificial intelligence to either hunt for likely customers, who are the most similar to the ones who have already purchased in the past, or to efficiently re-target people with the same products and also with similar ones that they have viewed or added to cart on the website, but not yet purchased.

Previous Campaigns

We have tested multiple audiences, such as targeted interests ones, and lookalikes, which are sourced from the Facebook Pixel, based on previous website visitors and customers, and they are usually the most powerful audiences for any clients.

We have also tested different ad types for the client to see which are the most convincing turning someone into a customer and that we are spending the budget very wisely and to get the most return from them.

Our Campaigns

Combining the best objectives, with the best audiences and with the best working ad types, we were able to improve annual sales through Facebook adverts with 660% from €8.745 (2016 annual sales) to €57.702 (2019 annual sales) and nearly tripled up the ad spend from €2,583 (2016 annual spend) to €7,232 (2019 annual spend), while also improved ROAS from 3.39 (Average ROAS in 2016) to 11.14 (Average ROAS in 2020 so far).

We are also confidently estimating that we are going to be very close to a 1000% increase in sales by the end of the year (2020) compared to (2016) because we have started very strong in 2020 (1st Quarter) and stats are showing a 72% increase (almost €10K more) compared to 2019 (1st Quarter) from almost the same spend.


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As you see it on the ad preview, the ad is nothing special, we could say very simple, only a great strategy behind it that makes it so successful. To explain this more in detail, it is not a fashion brand that would need fancy creatives to catch the attention, but it is for the right audience who love fishing with the right products, so they will convert very easily if they see what they are into at the right time and in a way that helps them start browsing straight away, not just on the website, but already within the advertisement.