Kandoo Adventures is an adventure travel agency, specialised in making challenging destinations accessible to every fit, weekend hiker. They offer travel packages to scores of trekking and climbing destinations, including Aconcagua, Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro, Nepal & More!

Kandoo’s objective was to improve leads volume, increase awareness and drive sales. They had no previous ads running so we started a campaign almost from scratch with some info Kandoo was able to provide about their customer’s persona.

It has been a journey of optimisations, ads objectives, targetings, creative testing and budget scaling until we reached current performance:

=> First, we installed the pixel on the website with lead tracking (unfortunately the website wouldn’t allow tracking purchases at this time).

=> We started a campaign for the UK optimised for landing page views to start driving traffic to the website and fill a click database for each travel destination page that we could nurture. This campaign was more generic, showcasing Kandoo’s travel destinations on a carrousel advert that we refreshed multiple times with different pics.

=> This campaign was at the core for us to be able to scale the campaign further, as we needed good amounts of traffic on each destination page. This way we were able to generate a click database for each travel destination page and started retargeting these databases with specific ads for specific destinations so we could push people to purchase.

=> Once we started to get a good number of leads, we optimised the campaign for lead conversion in order to get the most leads at the least possible cost and to increase the possibility of getting sales.

=> At this time we had a pretty relevant database of website visitors for each travel destination, so we started focusing on new traffic campaigns with specific ads for each location. We created lookalikes from website visits for each specific destination so we could make relevant audiences to use on each specific destination. At this time everything was specific, not only the targeting for each destination but also the retargeting campaigns.

We were then able to set purchase tracking on the website, and we are able to quantify the growth directly attributable to facebook. Kandoo’s sales really took off, they were able to add more locations to their offerings and we started promoting them in the USA, which is bringing amazing results!

From 2018 to 2019, with an increase in ads budget of almost 20%, we were able to increase leads volume by 55%, increase purchases volume by 36% and decrease the cost per purchase by 87%. As each sale has an average value of £2,500, we increased purchase conversion value from £367,500 to £500,000.

From 2018 until the first quarter of 2020, the campaigns generated over 1,324 leads and 30% of those leads converted to sales. This gives us an estimated return on ad spend (ROAS) of 19.6!