Little Green Radicals is an award-winning baby and children’s clothes multi-national e-commerce store. They distinguish themselves by being plastic-free and selling 100% organic cotton clothing since 2015.

Little Green Radicals looked recently for our help. They were running their ads before with some success but mainly when they had promotions on and for retargeting audiences rather than focusing on building awareness for new customers.

They were looking for a more holistic marketing approach where they would be able to keep ongoing campaigns and scale them for a continuous increase of sales, return and new customers – and this is when we started our game!

After checking the pixel was well set on the website, we examined previous campaigns to take relevant conclusions from them, with an eye toward how we could improve them as well as build our campaigns most effectively.

What We Saw

  • All Ages – Primarily 25-44 years old
  • All Gender – More than 90% of sales from Women
  • All Countries – Most sales from the UK, followed by Germany and the US
  • High budgets on campaigns with single ad sets and single ads that would quickly make these audiences exhausted if used long-term.

What We Did

  • We optimised the age and gender according to the findings.
  • We separated the UK campaigns from the US and Germany in order to optimise the campaigns specifically for those markets.
  • We built one campaign for all the other European countries, since their market share was significantly smaller. We know that good sized audiences work better, so until they hit a more critical mass, the campaign will be better optimised at the European level, rather than using separate campaigns at the country level. As sales grow in the individual markets, we will create individual campaigns for them.
  • We’ve focused on testing different audiences, going for different lookalikes and value based lookalikes and also updating audiences as purchase email lists.
  • We’ve also focused on A/B testing different creatives.

We were able to achieve outstanding results. Sales volume increased 99.7%, the cost per acquisition decreased 33.9% and the return on ad spend (ROAS) increased almost 3 fold!

We are never satisfied with average. Our focus is to continually improve the campaign – to bring more awareness to the brand, more traffic to the website and to build a click database we can then nurture with fresh content and promotions. Check out how during a promotion we were able to increase the budget by more than twice , yet keep a stable ROAS while quickly increasing sales volume.

We make our clients’ dreams our own, and we will keep working on this business to bring it to the next level (there’s always room to grow!) by applying all of our expertice and being in front of any new Facebook features. It’s tireless, and it is amazing!