L.R.M Goods is one of our precious diamonds that we are very proud to present here. It is a newly established online fashion company based in London. Rachel and Libby are selling stunning bags with a special touch – personalization. Rachel got in touch with us last summer as they wanted to quickly scale their online sales, so we created a strategy that does just that.

We reviewed their campaigns that were running at the time, then jumped into testing to identify their target audiences and the best possible way to make a quick impact on performance and return on ad spend (ROAS).

They already had the Facebook Pixel implemented on the website, so we had a lot of data in advance that we could start to work with. We made a fantastic re-marketing campaign for them using one of the best features of having the Facebook Pixel. We did different re-marketing circles to maximise our chances for conversion. We also created an ad type called collection, which creates a store platform on Facebook just by clicking anywhere on the advertisement, so people can start browsing instantly without even visiting the website.

One of the most exciting parts of the work was to find the right creatives. After testing several dozen creatives in different ad types, we kept the top-performing ones to achieve the greatest possible return. We identified their target audience very quickly so it worked like a dream!

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We started testing Instagram placement separately to see how they worked compared to the Facebook placements. We looked into past posts and creatives and picked the most loved creatives and bags to use in the ads, effectively basing our marketing on the feedback of L.R.M’s customers and fans, that what content and bags they like the most.

Just 2 months into advertising for L.R.M, it was already crystal clear that we were adding a huge amount of value. The last full month they managed the account they had £6,187.87 in sales from £664 in spend, an ROAS of 9.32, already a great achievement. However, our stats for the first month were £14,413 in sales from £730 in spend, an ROAS of 19.74! So we more than doubled ROAS in a very short period of time. 

We then scaled their budget, adding another 50% the following month. We maintained the excellent ROAS by bringing in £22,014 in sales from £1,124 in spend. We knew that we had to make the next month (November) huge in the lead up to Christmas, so we continued with a 30% increase in ad spend (£1,463) which brought in £37,370 in sales,  an ROAS of 25.55.

Now let’s have a look and compare our results for the past 8 and a half months to the exact same period a year earlier:

From the 1st of Aug 2018 to the 9th of April 2019 – Their spending was £6,020 and it brought them 784 purchases totaling £36,457, an average ROAS of 6.06.

From the 1st of Aug 2019 to 9th of April 2020 – The spend has been scaled to £10,560 and our campaigns have brought them 3,377 purchases totaling £197,205 (£160,748 in additional sales, a 441% increase) and with an average ROAS of 18.67 (over 3 times higher).

Our relationship with L.R.M is in its 9th month, and the results are still amazing. Currently we are creating a strategy to extend beyond the UK and go International, and are on track to reach annual sales of £300k from Facebook in the UK only. We can’t wait to see what the International market will bring!