NEW BOILERS provides high-quality heat zoning and boiler installation for thousands of families and businesses across Ireland. They’re based in Co. Tipperary and have over 11 years of experience with a reputation for excellence.

When they first came to us, their objective was to increase their leads volume for Condensing Boilers, Oil Boilers and Heating upgrades. There was no pixel set on the website, so Alan had spent 2,000 on campaigns optimised for clicks without being able to create a click database, nurture this database with retargeting campaigns or track any kind of conversion that would help him to optimise the campaigns for the best performing creatives and ad sets.

The first thing we did was to set the pixel on the website and start tracking lead conversions so that over time we would be able to efficiently optimise the campaigns to bring us more leads at cheaper prices.

We started with a campaign optimised for landing page views. Our main interest at this stage was not only to get inexpensive clicks, but also to get people that would actually wait for the landing page to load at the cheapest cost possible:  we wanted to drive relevant traffic to the website.

Once we started to fill the pixel with relevant info about website visitors we were able to start testing lookalike audiences based on website visits, leads and engagement along with the previous interest audiences tested. We started to get a very good volume of leads, so we decided it was time to change the campaign to leads optimisation. The pixel had enough info on this conversion already and would be able to efficiently look into our audience for people with a higher probability to convert. This helped us to bring the cost per lead down 30%. We also worked on improving previous creatives in order to catch people’s attention and convey the message more accurately, reducing cost per click and cost per landing page view, increasing the click through rate and ultimately bringing in more leads.




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We’ve also created a professional video to use on ads. Videos are a strong key because they are easy to digest, entertaining and engaging – Video ads are much better at holding people’s attention than image ones! 

It’s also much easier to convey a lot of information in a very quick way and the best part is that these videos allow costumers to connect with it, associate themselves and create a relationship with the brand. 

We weren’t completely happy with results yet so we started testing FB lead ads. We thought this would simplify the process and bring even more leads at cheaper prices, and it worked exceptionally well. The website conversion campaign implies someone needs to look at an advert, be interested enough to click on it, wait for the landing page to load, then still be interested enough after looking at the landing page to fill out a lead form, and we were losing too many people along the way.

With FB lead ads we would be able to get people’s details without even having to leave FB. There was no waiting for a landing page to load or risk that it wouldn’t be appealing. Also, name, phone number and email are auto-filled by Facebook, making the process even more simple. This helped us bring the cost per lead down 73%, which was amazing.

In total we were able to generate 2,133 leads at an average cost of only €5.74 per lead, which is amazing for this kind of business where a sale is worth more than 100 times the cost of the lead.