SKOOT.IE was founded in January, 2019 in Dublin by two Irish entrepreneurs on a mission to make our environment a little cleaner and greener and to revolutionise the way we get around. They are selling a wide range of affordable, eco-friendly, alternative transportation options, from e-scooters to electric unicycles.

Garry and Conor contacted us at the very beginning – when they were forming their concept at the end of 2018 – to seek support from us in order to make it happen. They wanted to launch their startup as soon as possible and get the marketing going from early February.

We first had a look at the competitive landscape in Ireland. As there were no other e-scooter businesses in Ireland, we did an analysis of similar companies in other EU countries to create a marketing plan and to advise them on their business plan. We then started work on their brand awareness and their Facebook Page, which only had a couple likes. We have launched a like campaign to improve likes and followers as well as ran promotions. Garry meanwhile convinced the mayor to legalise e-scooters in Ireland to make sure we didn’t have any legal barriers to make this business a huge success.

In the second phase of our relationship with, we started testing and creating new audiences that we knew would work for their objectives. We have also launched dozens of ads and multiple ad types to find out which worked best. We revised their new website, suggested changes in order to improve customer and mobile-friendliness, and made new creatives for their products to make them look more organised, aligned with each other, and trustworthy.


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Sales started off well, and the client was happy with sales over the Summer of 2019. We thought sales would taper off during the Winter, but we had record sales in November and December, selling hundreds of scooters during the Christmas period.

Sales continued to skyrocket in the Spring, with triple the sales made over Christmas. They are now selling hundreds of thousands of Euro worth of scooters just a little over 1 year into business.

Statistics also show that sales in the first 4 1/2 months of 2020 equal sales for all of 2019, and we are on target to triple annual sales this year. In addition, we have almost tripled their return on ad spend (ROAS) while doubling their ad spend.