Sophia’s Kitchen is a client whose Page has 65k+ fans, catering to Thermomix users across the world with new recipes and gadgets to make a kitchen fairy’s life easier. Their webshop has UK/Australia based shipping.

They approached us with the goal to improve revenue and boost online sales with the latest methods.

Fortunately for us, the webshop had useful setups already, such as an engine that could integrate a Facebook pixel across the board, moreover, with hundreds of products, the webshop could generate its own product feed, to be used for Facebook marketing.

With buyers all across the world, we set dynamic remarketing up with a time based setup, which allowed us to shift budget and stress the importance of fast-response ads: people who forgot to complete their purchase were much more likely to receive a reminder ad within the following day, then a week later. With different time range setups (1, 3, 7, 14 days), we managed to gain valuable insight on how our buyers act and what their behavior is like, correct prioritization.

We also used different product sets, sub-sections of our product catalogue, to experiment with the efficiency of promoting higher average value products. The result of these tests meant that we could push return on adspend up to 23.20:

Part of our overall strategy was to improve optimization across the board – week by week, based on ongoing results, we’ve switched optimization from clicks, to landing page view, add to cart, then finally purchase events – which means that ultimately all our campaigns ran with a sales based approach.

With a worldwide audience and two key webshops, our main strategy for pushing sales involved several factors for audience building, such as:

  • Location/Region
  • Purchase history
  • Involvement

With a sizable fanbase, purchase history at our disposal and various interests related to our products, we could build Lifetime Value Lookalikes and Lookalikes of Fans, continuously engaged in multi cell testing with interest targeted audiences and fan-based audiences. 

Seasonal promotions also played a key part of our strategy – important days such as Black Friday had their own discounts, own strategies and budgets, alongside specialized, themed creatives. Not without results, even a staggering 32.58 times return on our adspend was within our reach:

Within the first year of managing this client’s ads, we’ve increased sales value by nearly 5 times. Return on adspend also grew to an average of 10.

How we would like to further scale this webshop and double return on ad spend: with years of data on sales, w’d compile a comprehensive database of products with their popularity based on location to look for new insights, moreover, we’d expand the funnel with a heavier focus on awareness and demand generation – as of now, we are already strong at later stages of our funnel.

E-commerce clients always present a challenge with the multitude levels of data, dozens of product categories and at the end of the day – thousands of products they wish to sell, but with constant testing, an eye for innovative methods and a thorough understanding of how to handle data, we always aim to bring their sales to the next level.