Workers Family is the oldest and most trusted company when it comes to working a summer away – whether it’s in Malia, Zante, Napa, Magaluf, Ibiza or Kavos.

Antony looked for our help to improve their FB campaigns’ performance in order to generate more leads for their business that they could convert into new customers. At that time they were worried about the competition, and they had heard about the power of retargeting.

After checking their previous campaigns and having a nice talk with Antony, we were able to make some conclusions that allowed us to jumpstart the new campaigns.

Workers Family had primarily been using Video Views with an engagement objective, which is amazing to increase business awareness but not the right objective (used alone) to bring a steady number of leads at cheap prices. We also saw that the lead pixel wasn’t set on the website so they weren’t able to track conversions from the ads, which made it impossible both for the pixel to learn about conversions, and also to efficiently optimise the campaign to the best performing audiences and creatives.

We set a lead pixel on the website and started retargeting to those who had viewed the videos in the previous campaigns, while excluding those who had already filled out the form.

Since Antony told us they usually got a good amount of leads from the campaigns, we started the campaign right away optimised for lead conversions so we could reach those with the highest likelihood of going to the website and filling out the form. This optimisation helps bring the most leads for the cheapest prices and that was exactly what we wanted!

We selected the most relevant age group and gender and started testing different interest targetings both on Facebook and Instagram.

We’ve also introduced Antony to the concept of lookalikes. They had a very good click database already so we created an audience with people with similar interests to their website visitors and also to those that viewed their videos. When the leads database grew to have a significant size we also tested a lookalike from this audience.

We knew we needed to capture these young people’s attention, so we created various images that would show loads of fun, friendship opportunities, and the possibility of making memories that would last a lifetime.


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The results were amazing! We kept increasing the budget and each month generated a higher volume of leads at cheaper costs per acquisition. We kept testing different audiences and creatives until we found those that performed the best. There’s no stopping with these types of optimisations, since there’s always a way to improve campaign performance. Last November we started with a spend of around £620 and the campaign generated 320 leads at an average cost of £1.94 per lead, in December we used more than twice that budget on the campaign and it brought 1,136 leads at an average cost of £1.50 per lead. In January we increased the budget 20% further and the campaign generated 1,438 leads at an average cost of only £1.42 per lead.

To date the campaign has reached 945,406 people, received 47,113 clicks, 8,672 post reactions, 907 comments, 7,414 post saves, 2,087 post shares and generated 4,319 website leads. 

The awareness is outstanding and the number of leads even more!