Chiropractor Marketing Specialists

Do you want a steady flow of leads from new clients?  We can help you get started today!

Facebook Certified Experts
We work for other Chiropractic agencies globally, as we can get them the best results for their clients.  We also work directly with chiropractors and massage businesses globally, see a case study below.

Minimum Sales Tracked in 7 days: €2900
7 Day Ad Spend: €145

We’re so confident that we can get results for your business, we’re offering a free strategy call, account review and waiving all setup fees for your business. 

One of the keys to our strategy is to link your ads to a mobile optimised landing page.  No matter how good your ads are, if you’re clicking to a page that’s not designed with conversions in mind, you’ll never get the enquiries we can generate.

We will create a fully optimised landing page for you that has been tried and tested in YOUR industry.  We’re constantly AB testing features and layouts, so you’ll be ahead of the game without wasting ad spend testing.  

Chiropractor Marketing Specialist
Click here to view a preview of a mobile optimised landing page
Our account managers have proven results for Chiropractors.  They are ex-Facebook employees who have managed accounts for businesses globally, they truly are experts at Facebook & Instagram strategy.
In this video, our Head of Marketing explains a little about how our strategy works to get you amazing traffic, and then retarget to change those clickers into converters…
Over this 7 day period, €145.17 has been spent on Facebook & Instagram ads.
466 people clicked to the landing page, and will be retargeted to encourage them to call, message or use the form to enquire.  The offer has an expiry 2 weeks away, so the level of daily enquiries is yet to ramp up as that date draws closer.
There have been 35 direct requests for bookings on the landing page in the last 7 days – each is worth between €25 and €35 based on the offer they choose.
There have also been 7 new messages on Facebook to enquire about booking, and the client has reported many direct calls to enquire about the offer.  The ads also have like, comment and share engagement which encourages further enquiries.

First time booking revenue tracked to the campaign in 7 days: €2900
Ad Spend: €145

Return on ad spend is at least 20 times what was spent

This doesn’t take into account the lifetime value of each customer – as you know, many will continue with treatment after their first session and at a higher price. 
Many of those will also recommend you to friends and family, generating further business.

Just €145 has generated hundreds of loyal customers in just 7 days!