We hope you find these tips useful to create the perfect Facebook ads.  Learning Facebook is like learning another language…one that keeps changing and updating making it hard to keep on top of! 

That’s why we also offer a complete ‘done for you’ campaign management service at a fraction of the price of other agencies.  Some of the package inclusions are below, contact me on this page for more details.

Facebook Marketing Secrets

– We will install essential pixels on your website for retargeting and creating lookalike audiences – alternatively, we can provide all code and instructions for your developer.  This tracking fires when someone visits your website either from an ad or directly, so you know whey are interested – check out page 2 for more details on pixels.

– We create an advertising campaign strategy for Facebook & Instagram to meet your needs (awareness, engagement, sales etc) – we will shape this strategy for you based on what we know works best, so running traffic campaigns, then into retargeting for example.

– We create the campaign visuals to stand out in the newsfeed – if your website is built on Shopify or Woocommerce, we can also integrate your product catalogue with Facebook.  This allows us to show ads featuring the exact products they’d looked at on the website previously, increasing conversion rates.

– We research and build target audience segments to reach the correct market for the products, based on demographics and interests.  We have a lot of experience in different industries, so know what works best.

– We optimise and report on the campaigns every week, AB testing creative to maximise engagement.  Your account manager will be your direct contact and keep you informed on how the strategy is moving along, they are also an ex-Facebook employee so very experienced.

Sound good  we’d love to speak to you about this package, click here to contact us and we’ll be in touch!

Secret 1:  The Power of Retargeting

Are you making the most of the pixel?

You could be retargeting people who have not only clicked your ads, but also people who’ve been browsing your website and convert them into enquirers.  You can also be targeting people who have been searching online for exactly what you offer.

Watch this video to find out more….


Facebook Secrets

Secret 2:  Leverage Lookalikes

Lookalikes are people who closely match the profiles of people who already interact with your business.

You can target ads at people who match the profiles of your ad clickers, site visitors, mailing list, purchasers and more.

You can even target ads at a value based lookalike audience, so you’re reaching those likely to spend the most!

These people are the most likely to purchase from you too, so it’s important to try campaigns to this audience.


Facebook Secrets

Secret 3:  Collection Ads

Collection ads are getting AMAZING results for our eCommerce clients.

This is one of the latest creative options from Facebook designed for mobile users.

Your audience can see products featured in your video, click them and browse in app before hitting the add to basket page.

It’s the perfect solution for that drop off through the purchase process, encouraging more customers through to conversion.


Facebook Secrets

Secret 4:  Running Offers

An offer is a hook – it gets people in the door to experience your service. If they have a good experience, they will become a lifetime customer – it’s that simple!

Your happy customers then recommend your product or service to their friends, meaning that initial discount offer has led to even more new business and lifetime customers.

Watch this video to find out more….


Facebook Secrets

Secret 5:  Send FREE Emails and Notifications

Did you know you can get FREE email and notification retargeting, just by toggling ‘offer’ on when setting up an ad?

The old ‘offer claims’ objective is no longer available, however it is still possible to get people claiming your offer and the free retargeting that comes with it!

Watch this video to see how to set this up for your business….


Facebook Secrets

Secret 6:  Facebook Wants Your Money (Ok…Not a Secret)

Boosting your posts? You need to watch this video….

Cost per post engagement and cost per link click are NOT the same thing – don’t waste your ad spend with this common mistake!


Facebook Secrets

Secret 7:  You Can Tag Products WITHOUT a Catalogue

Get extra clicks and conversions from your ads with product tagging!

Product tagging allows you to link your products below the main advert creative. This doesn’t just work for eCommerce stores, we’ve even used it for pizza!

Watch this video for a demo….


Facebook Secrets

Secret 8:  Your Website Could be Killing Your Conversion Rate

Getting people to click is one thing, getting them to then take action once they’ve clicked is key.

The customer experience needs to be perfect on mobiles, which is why we use mobile optimised landing pages to link ads to.

The key is a clear call to action at the top of the page – a call now button, and an enquiry form.


Facebook Secrets

Secret 9: Running Google Adwords AND Facebook Together is a Winning Formula

It’s the age old question, should I be advertising on Facebook or Adwords?  Well, the answer is both!  

Watch our latest video to find out why….


Secret 10:  You Can Get a ‘Done for You’ Package for a Fraction of Other Agency Prices

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