Facebook Marketing

Targeted Marketing Campaigns
Facebook and Instagram Marketing
With ex-Facebook employees handling our accounts, a Facebook Blueprint Certification and over 20,000 campaigns created for over 3,000 businesses worldwide, we like to think we’re pretty good at Facebook & Instagram Marketing.
Boosting posts is like throwing money down the drain.  The key is to be RELEVANT, be TARGETED, and RETARGET to nurture your interested clickers into sales.
We’ll completely tailor a Marketing strategy designed to meet your objectives.  There are multiple team members involved in your account setup, including an experienced developer to install pixels, a designer to create a sleek, mobile optimised landing page to gain maximum leads from your clicks, and marketing strategists to ensure the best campaigns set for your objectives.
Case Studies
Marketing Strategy
We have tried and tested techniques to reach the optimal audience on Facebook and Instagram. We know who is most likely to engage with your ad and click, using not only demographic targeting, but also using custom audiences & lookalikes.
Once we’ve created the perfect audience target, we’ll create highly engaging campaigns that will grab attention in the newsfeed.
We use a mix of creative techniques including video and images to get the most clicks.
Marketing Strategy
When the potential customer clicks, they’ll reach a mobile optimised landing page we’ve created especially for your business. These landing pages are designed with conversions in mind, featuring a prominent contact form and details about you and your services.
Marketing Strategy
We don’t stop there – the key to results is retargeting. Our in-house web developer will professionally install tracking pixels on your website and landing page. This means when someone Googles you, clicks an ad, or reaches your website any other way, they will start to see your ads on Facebook. 
Marketing Strategy
Your dedicated account manager will keep you updated on the latest optimisations and results on your account. They take care of everything for you, so you can get on doing what you do best – running your salon. They’re always available if you need to chat, or if you have a new offer or service you’d like to focus on.  
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