Flamingo & Fox is a webshop based in the UK, selling kids’ clothing. We’ve started advertising for it with a low budget, which we managed to successfully scale on a regular basis, to the point where our marketing strategy is extensive, involving several platforms of Facebook, as well as Google ads (Shopping included).

We were fortunate to start working with Flamingo & Fox when they already had established sales, this meant that all related data could be used for marketing purposes.

We started traffic acquisition with several audiences, primarily we relied on:

  • Interest based audiences (3rd party – FB)
  • Behavior based audiences (3rd party – FB)
  • Lookalike audience of buyers (based on 1st party data)

While our 1st party data proved the most valuable, other audiences were also profitable, and the results quickly indicated that we need to scale. Another key part of bringing the campaigns to success was constant split testing: regularly we’d push new ads to our audiences, while these ads were also optimized often, with return on ad spend (ROAS) being the primary way of telling better and worse ads apart- we used what brought more sales and switched off ads which failed to generate enough revenue.

We’ve also started remarketing, both with a more traditional method, as well as with dynamic ads. This way we could test how different methods of remarketing perform, and via rigorous testing we could always promote the method that generated higher revenue. The growing success of remarketing was also fueled by our continuous scaling.

Scaling our ads also meant that we could test more (and we had to, as well): we’ve increased the number of audiences we test with, involved more lookalikes (for example, not just 1%, but greater sized lookalike audiences, or lookalike audiences based off of different actions – such as the top time spend on the website).

While higher ad spend doesn’t automatically mean better (or more) results, we can share the way sales have increased as well:

Over time our strategy needed further scaling, we began using Google to achieve this – through several ad groups, focused on general keywords, as well as competitors and a dynamic setup, we are starting to see the kind of results which allow us to scale on Google as well.

What we’d like to achieve in the future is a better, all-encompassing setup, with a wider variety of audiences to allow further scaling, moreover we want to include showcase Shopping on Google, to guide users through their whole journey and ensure they get to pick the best products when they’re shopping – if you’re looking for the latest fashion for your kids, check out Flamingo and Fox: www.flamingoandfox.com