Vendula London is a global fashion accessories brand that sells iconic bags, purses, wallets and cases inspired by everyday beauty. It was established in 2003, and since then they have grown to become one of the fashion industry’s funkiest brands with growing list of customers across the UK, Ireland, Europe, and North America.

William, Vendula’s new ecommerce manager, contacted us with a few requests. They had recently completed their new website, which was now optimised for mobile, and they wanted to focus on growing online sales through Facebook and Instagram. They needed new strategies to improve their ecommerce footprint.

To start, we worked with their developer team to implement the Facebook pixel and its standard events, allowing us to track every action that visitors take on the website such as content views, add to carts, checkouts and purchases. We analysed the data from the old campaigns to understand what worked in the past, and apply those strategies to the new campaigns. This exercise saved us valuable time, as we didn’t have to start from square one.

We coordinated with Vendula’s creative team to design video and images that aligned with Vendula’s new site and strengthen their brand identity. We used different resolutions to optimise ad placements, allowing us to reach more people with creatives perfectly fit to Instagram, Facebook and Messenger Story.

We also tested the creatives in different ad types (single image, video, slideshow, carousel and catalogue) to find out which worked best for each audience and geographic location. It is a good practice to run different ad types at the same time that rotate for the audience. People are much less likely to get ad fatigue from seeing the same advert, and are much more likely to have a positive impression of the ads which in turn increases the probability of them converting into customers.

We created new lookalike audiences based on our analysis of past website visitors and purchasers. The Facebook pixel and its attributions allowed us to create dynamic ads for re-marketing, so now we could bring people back to the website who previously dropped off just after viewing or adding to the cart. After thoroughly understanding Vendula’s business and customer base, we created dozens of other campaigns covering the globe to attract new customers and visitors to the site.

We started working on Vendula’s Facebook ads in October 2019, and our ads have generated over £672K in sales to date. We have projected annual sales from Facebook ads to be £500,000 by October 2020, but we have ended up with an extra £172K on top. It should be noted that the products they sell are expensive due to their detailed design, so having an average return on ad spend of 10.69 is excellent. Moreover, we also improved the ROAS further with 1.24 (from 9.46 to 10.69) within 6 months time, while we were continuously scaling from April 2020 until October 2020.

We recorded amazing sales over the Christmas period (from 1 November through 31 December) of approximately £80,000, not including purchases that came through Paypal which are estimated to be £20,000.

We have experienced another “Christmas period” happening this Spring, with £90,000 of sales in the last two months, with a return on ad spend just over 11.