I was lucky enough to spend the day at Google’s offices in a sunny New York City last week. The super-cool offices take up a whole block in Manhattan (which I had to walk as I inevitably turned up at the wrong entrance, believe me it’s lonnnngggg).

Security was tight as you’d hope it would be and we were on lockdown in one section of the building – I wasn’t complaining about being locked in geek heaven for 8 hours.

So first off, the rumours are true – staff get around on scooters, the food is amazing (and served with plastic-free disposable plates and cutlery), and there’s even mouthwash, deodorant and toiletries in the bathrooms. During the Q&A sessions, you were thrown a “catch box” cube mic to speak into (picture grown adults beaming as they played block-catch around a conference room!)

So aside from the trendy aesthetics, it was inspiring to hear presentations from some of the Google & Wordstream teams. I got to find out what’s in the pipeline for the search giant and how it’s going to shape the future of our businesses. There were some really interesting statistics and talks which I’m looking forward to sharing with you over my next few posts.

I’ll break down the key points from the day so you can make instant improvements to your campaigns, so keep checking back!

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Watch this space….

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