Coffee Break Guides Day Two: The Landing Page

Today’s 5 minute Coffee Break Guide is all about the landing page for your ads.

People tend to put lots of effort into what the ad itself says and who it is targeting, but then link it to a bad page.  It doesn’t matter how freakin’ amazing your ad is if you’re sending the traffic to a dud page!

Day Two: Coffee Break Guides

Here are our top tips for landing page success…

1. Focus on the Form

The idea of a landing page is to remove all distractions from the page and have one clear focus – getting the inquiry.  You want the customer to click the ad and be drawn towards the inquiry form at the top of the page, where they will enter their details to get a free quote, a consultation call, a free eBook – whatever you told them about in your ad.

Even the best mobile optimised websites in the world can get fewer inquiries, as people read through the information, browse the site, then run out of time and have to go offline.  Focus on a fast conversion from the ad to the inquiry form, with just a few other bits of content on the page that incentivise them to proceed, such as before/after photos for a landscaping business.

2. Mobile Optimisation

This one is SO important – over 90% of people clicking ads are likely on their mobiles or tablets, so the page they land on has GOT to look great on mobile.  If you have ever clicked an ad and landing on a page that isn’t mobile optimised, you’ll know how little patience you had with it.

We use Instapage, but there are several other great tools to create landing pages that you can design separately for mobile devices.  Many landing page providers charge around $100 a month – they are completely free including hosting with our packages.  Contact us here for more details.

3. Add Your Tracking Pixels

If you click here, you can read all about the Facebook pixel and why it’s so important.  Make sure when you design a landing page, you also add the pixels to the page in the same way you would add them to your website.  You can apply the same pixel to both your landing page and your website.  This way you can retarget traffic that visits both platforms.

You can also add Google Analytics and Google Adwords Conversion Pixels to a landing page – contact us if you need help with installing these.

4. Incentivise an Enquiry

Some of the best inquiry boosters for our clients are:

– Free Consultation
– Free Quote
– 10% off When You Enquire Now
– £50 off First Orders
– Limited Time Package Offers

These messages just above where you’re collecting their name and email address will help you to seal the deal.  You can also apply countdown clocks to inquiry forms, which work well to add urgency alongside limited time offers.

5. Fast Follow Up


The longer you leave it to reply to an inquiry, the less chance you have of closing the deal.  Our landing page forms are set to email our clients automatically when a new inquiry comes in.  This way, they can immediately call or email the customer back to proceed with their booking.

If you need any help designing a landing page, drop us a message now!  They are completely free with our Facebook marketing packages including monthly hosting: click here to send an inquiry.


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