With over 1.3 BILLION users on Facebook Messenger, it’s no wonder chatbots are SO hot right now.

You can use chatbots to build relationships with your existing customers, handle queries automatically, even sell to a new audience – all without any technical experience!

And if you’re not already convinced…

80% of adults and 91% of teens use messaging apps every day

53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message

56% of people would rather message than call customer service

Creating your own chatbot is not as tough as you may think.  You don’t need to spend thousands on development, there are some great apps that make it simple for you, and some are free!

We love ManyChat as it’s so easy to use…and it’s free.  It has a really simple drag and drop interface, so you can add images, videos, text and more in seconds.  There are many other options you can check out including ChatFuel, but ManyChat is one of the most popular because it’s so easy to use.

Another great thing is you can integrate it with your website.  You’ll notice on the Marketing4Everyone.com site, we have a messenger widget in the bottom corner (feel free to send a test message to see how it works!)

Most of our enquiries happen overnight, when people have time to get in touch, but we’re not available to chat.  The great thing about having the bot in place is that it ‘speaks’ to the customer on your behalf, asking questions and responding to answers based on how you’ve set the bot up.

The response rates are great too as it’s so fast – here is an example with a 48% click rate from the ‘thanks for sending a message’ rate alone.  Thank you emails get nowhere near this response rate in comparison.

Chatbot Response Rate

So how does it work?

The best thing to do is to map out on paper what end result you want to achieve, and the different paths to get there.

As an example, when people message Marketing4Everyone, they will usually be looking for advice to then manage ads themselves, so our free tutorials will appeal to them, or they’ll be enquiring about us managing their ads, so our free strategy call would work better.  Our chatbot flow then asks them various questions to match them to the 2 different services, and automatically responds to each answer they give instantly.

Chatbot Flow
The tool makes it really easy to add different elements into the chat flow – we like to add videos too (as you can see above that got a 70% click-through rate!)

The conversation doesn’t stop there either.  You can drop people into different ‘sequences’, setting up automated messages that send every few days to keep the conversation going.  Your chatbot is doing all the hard work for you, following up on leads and keeping that credibility building as more automated messages are sent each week.

Why is a chatbot better than email marketing?  Well how many messenger notifications do you leave unread?  The open rate is HUGE!  Email in comparison can be 10% opened, and then only 20% of those going on to click.

If you’d like help building a chatbot, syncing it with your website, or anything else, click here to request a callback (or why not use our messenger chat on the right) 😉

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