June Mid-Month Update

There have already been some interesting updates to Facebook this month, here’s a recap of what’s new….

Customer Feedback

Facebook has launched a new feature today which will allow customers to give feedback on their purchase inside the Facebook app.  They may receive notifications to leave feedback or see it below your page posts if they’ve previously purchased.

A Facebook Newsroom update says “We spoke with people who have purchased things from Facebook advertisers, and the two biggest frustrations we heard were that people don’t like ads that quote inaccurate shipping times or that misrepresent products. We’re taking steps to try and identify these and other common frustrations with a new tool launching globally today.”

Customer Feedback
Facebook Memories

Do you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you see a Facebook ‘on this day’ post, or a Happy Friendversary video?  Well maybe not, but if you do you’ll be excited to know Facebook Memories is now live!

Every day more than 90 million people use On This Day to reminisce about these moments they’ve shared on Facebook, now you can find all of those special moments in a Memories section on the Facebook app.

Facebook Memories

Music Copyright Fix

If you’ve ever tried to publish a video innocently and been banished to the copyright gods, you’ll love this update.  Finally we can post videos that contain music, as Facebook has partnered with music companies around the world. 

If you’re still struggling to share those holiday memories and wedding moments, hold tight!  Facebook said “We’re testing this in several markets now and look forward to making it available more broadly soon.”


Lip Sync Live

If you’ve ever tried teen-sensation musical.ly, Facebook’s new Lip Sync Live offering is a similar update in their quest to bring back a younger audience to the platform.  Whether “Welcome to The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses or “Havana” by Camila Cabello is your jam, go live and lip sync along like the star that you are (pass the gin).

So why are music artists suddenly and so generously allowing their tunes to be used?  Well according to Facebook Newsroom “When broadcasting with Lip Sync Live, friends will see the artist and song highlighted on the video and can tap to follow the artist on Facebook.”

Lip Sync Live
Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook is an amazing tool for sharing special causes with others and getting donations online.  The Facebook Fundraisers tool has 2 new updates this month, firstly it is expanding to pages, so Brand and Public Figure pages can now fundraise for non-profit causes.

You can also now add organisers to help with the cause, inviting friends to manage a fundraiser with you and to expand the network of supporters to their following.

Goodbye Trending

Did anyone ever use it?  Maybe, but not enough to keep it going clearly.  Facebook is ditching the ‘Trending’ box from your newsfeed, here’s what they had to say on the decision: “We’ve seen that the way people consume news on Facebook is changing to be primarily on mobile and increasingly through news video.“  Well, we can’t argue with that!

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