It’s a common misconception that Facebook holds all the cards when it comes to deep targeting.  They know what music you like, if you shop online, probably what you had for breakfast, which is golden for us advertisers trying to find your perfect target audience.

The truth is, Google has an amazing source of information about its users, but it seems to slip under the radar whilst Mark Zuckerberg gets grilled on a weekly basis about the Big Brother age of digital.

Do you have a secret obsession with YouTube unboxing videos? Google knows.  Been searching for sun-drenched escapes to Barbados?  Google knows.  The beauty of having a universal login to your Google, Gmail, YouTube etc, is that Google is getting all of the ‘signals’ it needs to know all about you (probably better than you know yourself).  This allows ad targeting on the deepest level, and makes the power of Google ads run deeper than your gender and location.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 16.32.43.png

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, with over 1 billion users all searching and giving clues about their interests and desires in the videos they view.  

This is where artificial intelligence comes into play.  It doesn’t pre-judge like humans naturally do.  It learns and gets smarter over time.  It evolves and results constantly improve to be tailored to each individual user.

As voice search grows over time, were not searching ‘keywords’, we are searching for answers to solve a problem we have, and keywords don’t capture intent.  If you have a broken boiler, how a landlord, a homeowner or a renter approach a search to fix it will be completely different.  AI will be key to get our business in front of the right person with the right ads and at the right time.

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