We picked up some amazing Google Adwords tips on our recent visit to Google NYC.  Check out our top 10 tips below…

1. The Magic Number 7

Stick to 5-7 ad groups per campaign as a maximum – too many ad groups can kill your campaigns.  This may conflict with what you (and we) have been told by Google in the past so make sure you move with the times.

2. Location Issues

Having multiple locations in a campaign will give Google a headache.  It is trying to evenly split your budget through the day, but as different time zones come into play, you’ll struggle to get all of the impressions you could be getting.  Split your locations down to timezone to boost impression share.

3. Be Clever with Terms

It may be obvious, but it was interesting to see such a huge difference in auction prices for ‘rigging’ vs ‘moving’, and ‘dog trainer’ vs ‘dog training’ – make sure you’re really testing your terms, and using your budget wisely.

4. Scale Slowwwwlllyy

When a campaign is on fire, the urge to pump that budget up must be resisted as it can trash a campaign.  Try to avoid increasing budget by more than 10-15% weekly so the campaign remains stable.

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5. Copy and Paste

When you want to change your match types, make sure you copy and paste then pause the old terms.  If you change the existing term match type, you’ll lose the historical data for it which is always annoying.

6. Tackle Timewasters

Sick of wasting budget on dreamers?  Try out the ‘price from’ extension to filter out those who won’t convert.  If you have a high ticket product or service, also consider a call only ad, as you’ll be more likely to convert them this way.

7. Get a Google Number

Message extensions are a really handy way to get instant leads – the faster you get back to them the more likely that they’ll convert.  Don’t want to share your mobile number?  Get a free Google number to disguise your personal one.

8. Remarketing Wins

Your past buyers are 5 x more likely to convert than new customers.  Many clients think they don’t have to remarket as customers will just come back.  The truth is we’re a fickle bunch – a free shipping offer, 10% off, or just being in the right place at the right time could sway your past customers to use someone else – grab them back!

9. Lookalikes are Hot Leads 

Lookalike audiences can have a 65% higher click-through rate than other audiences!  As with Facebook, Google knows SO much about all of us to such depth, these lookalike audiences they can build are amazing and ready to be tapped into.

10. Be Ad Smart

In each ad group, you have the ability to show a series of different ads with variations in the message.  Despite this, over 44% of people only have one ad in each ad group!

I will be writing a whole blog on the brilliant dynamic ad opportunities now available to make automatic variations and increase CTRs, watch this space for more!

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