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At a recent visit to Google NYC, we learnt that over 44% of people only have 1 ad in each ad group, which is a rookie fail.  Luckily, Google have just launched a cool new tool called “Ad Suggestions” to save us time and make us more money #win-win.

Research has shown that ad groups with 3 or more high-quality ads can get up to 5% to 15% more clicks or conversions than ad groups with only 1 ad, provided ad rotation has been optimised.

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We are all so different, one or two good ads are not going to appeal to everyone.  As an example, under 30s are generally more receptive to a 10% off message than a free shipping message.  We’re all searching for ads that solve different problems, one ad cannot possibly keep everyone happy.

So with multiple campaigns and ad groups, who has time to create multiple ads for each seriously?!

Introducing auto Ad Suggestions, and they’re pretty damn good.  We were shown examples of ads written by a human and some by a bot – it really was impossible to tell the difference.

Auto Ad Suggestions

How it works is, Google’s genius bots scan your existing ads, and re-phrase/re-order to create different versions of the ads.  You can also apply some clever rules to personalise ads further, which are called ‘if statements’.  For example, an ad that says “Stay at The New Yorker Hotel from $200 per night” could be personalised to include “10% off for Returning Guests” when the ad is shown to a previous booker.  

Google is also working on ‘in market’ audiences for search, currently a feature open to display only.  This uses past search and browsing history to nail down if someone is a serious searcher, and actually ‘in the market’ to book now.  These are warmer leads so will be able to drive higher conversion rates.

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